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Please state your vehicle preference in the note field when booking, and we will endevour to accommodate wherever possible.

Baby seats, car booster seats and baby capsules are available for $10 per day

4 Seat Auto Jeep Wranglers

  • Max 4 people
  • Auto
  • Air Con
  • Bluetooth
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 1 - 6 days - $149 per day
  • 7+ days - $139 per day








4 Seat Manual Jeep Wranglers

  • Max 4 people.
  • Manual
  • Air Con,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 1 - 6 days - $149 per day
  • 7+ days - $139 per day




5 Seat Auto Jeep Wrangler

  • Max 5 people.
  • Auto,
  • Air Con,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 1 - 6 days - $169 per day
  • 7+ days - $159 per day

Captain America

Add-Ons (Available at Pick-Up)

Add baby seat – $10 per day

Add camping fold out chairs – $5 per chair per day

Add picnic table – $5 per table per day

Add snorkel gear mask snorkel and fins – $17 per day per set

Add fishing rods – $15 per rod per day – includes bucket & knife

Add small 20lt esky – $10 per day

Add 200gm bait bag of prawns or squid $7.00 per bag

Add 1kg bait bag of pilchards $10.50 per bag

Add Bar-B In A Box - disposable portable BBQ - $10

The fine print

Vehicle Hire Terms:

  • Hire available to drivers over 21 years.

  • Must have full current Driver’s License – minimum one (1) year, all Australian and International licenses are accepted) Learners and Provisional licenses are not accepted.

  • An insurance excess of $3,750.00 is payable for all and any damage occasioned during the period of use, you may choose to reduce this excess. Excess reduction of $29 per day to reduce to $1500.00 (drivers aged 21 to 74).

  • Drivers under 21 excluded from hire and over 75 excluded from cover.

  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.

  • Refuelling costs are at Renter’s expense

  • Cars and rates subject to change without notice.

  • Some roads excluded from use with vehicles. NO ACCESS TO RADICAL BAY ROAD. Radical Bay Road is significantly damaged due to flooding and lack of repair. There are extremely large and deep craters across the road for the majority of the length of the road. Driving on these roads is not only dangerous to the public, it is also harmful to the vehicles and as such our vehicles may not be driven along any part of this road.

  • NO vehicle access to the soft sand section at the end of West Point. If you drive here and your car is bogged in the sand you will be charged an Out of bounds fee as well as the cost involved in towing the vehicle and any costs associated with having the vehicle assessed for damaged by a qualified mechanic.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Access down Radical Bay Road towards Arthur Bay is strictly prohibited in our hire cars. There are two areas nearby that can be used for parking and our friendly staff will give you details of these. If you drive down Radical Bay Road you will be charged an Out of bounds fee, as the vehicle will need to be assessed for damages by a qualified mechanic, plus any damages found caused by travelling down this road.

  • RAIN EVENTS: In the case of rain, all topless jeeps must have the soft tops in place. We also reserve the right to prohibit access to West Point for all hire vehicles in the event of heavy rain causing creeks to rise.

  • DRIVING ON BEACHES: Magnetic Island has many beautiful pristine beaches. Driving vehicles on beaches is not only illegal on Magnetic Island, it is also prohibited in our hire cars and Jeeps. Penalties will be applied for breaching this policy.


About Us

Magnetic Islands premiere car hire business. We provide a large range of transport options. Using our extensive knowledge of the island we can design an adventure package to help you make the most out of your time on Maggie.

Whatever you're into, fishing, snorkelling, exploring or birdwatching, we will tailor a package especially for you. 


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