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  • Can I hire a Jeep or car overnight at Nomads Base Backpackers?
    Jeeps cannot be kept at Nomads Base Backpackers overnight. All other vehicles may have overnight hire however there is a $500 bond and any damages incurred while parked there are the responsibility of the hirer. Note: Insurance Excess Reduction must be taken to cover any damages to vehicles parked at Nomads Base Backpackers. If you book a Topless Jeep Wrangler for an overnight hire staying at Nomads Base Backpackers , your booking will be automatically cancelled and refunded.
  • Is there a Security Deposit required for Jeep or car hire?
    Yes, we require a refundable Security Deposit. Australian Residents require a $200 Security Deposit authorisation on a valid Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit card. All Overseas Residents/Travellers require a $500 Security Deposit on a valid Credit Card or Visa/MasterCard Debit card. The Security Deposit will be released when the vehicle is returned without damage and all terms & conditions have been adhered to.
  • Why is the Security Deposit more for Overseas Residents/Travellers?
    Unfortunately, there are instances of Overseas Residents/Travellers hiring vehicles and not following the Terms & Conditions of Hire or causing damage to vehicles. The higher Security Deposit covers part of the damages if the Hirer leaves the country without paying these costs.
  • How much is the Insurance Excess and can it be reduced?
    If you have an accident the Insurance Excess payable immediately is $4000. You can reduce this Excess. We offer an Excess Reduction - $33 per day reduces the Excess to $1000. Young Driver excess of $500 applies to drivers aged 21-24 years in addition to the excess applicable (e.g., $4500/$1500 payable) For vehicles staying at Nomads Base backpackers, Excess Reduction is mandatory. Excess Reduction Insurance is also available only with several companies such as
  • I don't have a credit card. Can I use an EFTPOS card, Travel card or Pre-Paid Visa?
    No. All hires must have a physical Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) or a Visa or MasterCard Debit Card. Cards without any numbers are not accepted. Cards on phone Apps are not accepted. Travel cards are not accepted. Pre-Paid Visa cards are not accepted. Any card in the name of a person not present will not be accepted.
  • Can we take the Jeep or car to Cockle Bay and West Point?
    Our vehicles are permitted to drive on main roads only. Driving on unsealed roads is not permitted. The road to Cockle Bay and West Point is unsealed, heavily rutted and often has creeks flooding across the road. Driving on Cockle Bay Road, West Point Road or anywhere past the Golf Club is not permitted and will result in the loss of your Security Deposit plus any damages to the vehicle.
  • Can we take the Jeep or car to Arthur Bay, Florence Bay & Radical Bay?"
    No. This road is a private road and gated. There is no vehicle access on this road by law due to the dangerous conditions of the road. People can still walk this road as far as Arthur Bay.
  • What age restrictions do you have for hiring Jeeps or cars?
    All hirer and drivers must be over 21yrs and under 75 yrs. All drivers must also have a full licence.
  • Can drivers with a Learners or Provisional Licence drive the Jeeps or cars?
    No. All drivers must have a full licence. Drivers on their Learners Licence (L-Plates) or Provisional Licence (P-Plates) may not drive the Jeeps or cars.
  • Do I need a translated International Licence if travelling from overseas?
    Yes. All overseas drivers need to produce their drivers licence AND their International Licence to hire our cars and Jeeps. Without these our insurance will not cover for any accidental damage. Failure to produce the translated International Licence may result in the cancellation of your booking.
  • Can the Jeeps or cars be hired overnight?
    Yes! There are some conditions…eg: Topless Jeeps must have secure and preferably undercover parking. If staying at Nomads Base Backpackers, Jeeps cannot be hire overnight.
  • Can we pick the vehicle up after hours?
    No, we do not have an after hours pick up facility. All hire vehicles must be collected by the hirer before we close.
  • Can we return the hire vehicle after closing time?
    Yes - this applies to all vehicles except Jeeps. The hirer will be given instructions on where to safely park the vehicle and shown the after-hours key drop box. Late drop off is not available for Jeeps as these must be returned prior to close of business so they can be secured for the night. Please Note: A vehicle that is returned after hours will not be checked in until the next business day. If returning after hours when a branch is closed, the customer is responsible for the vehicle until the satisfactory check in of the rental vehicle the next business day.
  • Can we hire baby car seats with the Jeep or car?
    Yes! Baby seats can be hired for a fee of $10 daily. Please note that baby capsules cannot be installed in the Jeeps. Rear or forward facing car seats are fine.
  • Can we have multiple drivers and is there a cost?
    Yes! Multiple drivers are permitted as long as all drivers are over 21 years and have a full licence. The first 2 drivers are free and any additional drivers are $11 each.
  • Will the Jeep be topless at all times?
    Weather permitting the Jeep will be topless. The Jeeps do come with a soft top and windows that can be easily installed during wet weather and at night.
  • Can I pay for my hire when I pick the Jeep or car up?
    No. All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking or a vehicle cannot be allocated to you and will not be held. All bookings not paid for will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.
  • How many people can be in the Jeep or car?
    Each Jeep or car can only have the number of people legally allowable according to the availability of seats and seat belts. 2 Seat Jeep - maximum 2 people 4 Seat Jeep - maximum 4 people 5 Seat Jeep, Compact Hatchback or SUV - maximum 5 people 7 Seat people mover - maximum 7 people Overloading is illegal and a breach o0f the terms & conditions of hire. You may incur legal fines and your hire may be cancelled immediately for overloading.
  • Can my family or friends drive the Jeep or car?
    All drivers must be over 21 years and under 80 years with a full drivers licence. They must be added to the contract to be able to drive the hired vehicle. Any person found driving the Jeep or car who has not been added to the contract is not covered under the contract. The hire may be terminated for breaches to this policy.
  • How can we get to the bays not accessible with the Jeep or car?
    Arthur Bay - park at the Forts Walk carpark and walk down to Arthur Bay Florence Bay - park at the Forts carpark and take the forts Walk trail. Along the way you will see a signposted trail to Florence Bay. Radical and Balding Bay - park in Horseshoe Bay and walk to the eastern end of the beach. From there you will see signs to direct you to the walks to these bays. West Point - take a tour with one of our fabulous Magnetic Island Tour Operators to see West Point, Radical Bay and more!
  • Why do I have to pay to refuel the Jeep or car?
    We understand that you may not have gone far and the fuel gauge may look like it hasn't moved however in fairness to all customers hiring we ask that you refuel the Jeep or car upon return to our site. Any time a car is driven, even minimally, it does use fuel. Failure to refuel upon return may result in a refuelling surcharge being added to the cost of your fuel.
  • Can we bring the family pet along?
    Animals are not permitted to travel in our hire vehicles unless a registered Service Animal. Please contact us before booking to ensure we have a Service Animal approved vehicle available.

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