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International drivers will need to have their drivers licence as well as an international licence with English translation to hire cars or jeeps. If you do not have these with you your booking may be cancelled.  

Security Deposits - A refundable Security Deposit is required. This is to be held on a valid Credit Card or Visa or MasterCard.

For Australian Residents the Security Deposit is $200.

For Overseas Residents the Security Deposit is $500.

For vehicles overnight at Nomads Base Backpackers, the Security Deposit is $500.

All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking.

Bookings not paid will be automatically cancelled. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Visa or MasterCard Debit Card

EFTPOS savings cards, Travel cards and Pre-Paid Visa cards are not accepted.

The card holder must be present to authorise all payments. 

Staying at Nomads Base Backpackers?

Note: The Security Deposit for vehicles overnight at Nomads Base Backpackers is $500.

Please note our Jeeps are not permitted to stay at Nomads Base Backpackers overnight. 

The Jeeps require secure - preferably undercover - parking for overnight or extended hire. 

Our cars and Jeeps are permitted for use on main roads only. 

Absolutely NO access to Cockle Bay, West Point or on Radical Bay Road is permitted. 

Any hirers that breach this will lose their Security Deposit immediately and further charges may apply.

We have an Insurance Excess of $4000. You can reduce the Excess to $1000 with a payment of $33 per day. 

Young Driver excess of $500 applies to drivers aged 21-24 years in addition to the excess applicable (e.g., $4500/$1500 payable)

For cars staying at Nomads Base backpackers, Excess Reduction is mandatory.

You can purchase Insurance Excess Reduction through a Third Party such as

Please read the detailed information below regarding our car and Jeep hire.

Map of Magnetic Island and prohibited roads.



  • Some of these roads are close to the mangroves - therefore higher salt inducing corrosion risk to under body including springs.

  • Progressive damage to struts, shock absorbers, wheels and tyres from rough, heavily rutted or potholed roads.

  • Damage to sway bars, links, bash plate, linkages, bushes and joints from rough, heavily rutted or potholed roads. 

  • Stone chip damage to paintwork or windscreens.

  • Damage to steering system.

  • Loss of wheel alignment.

  • Flat/damaged tyres.

  • Excessive dirt build up on brakes causing scouring and rust.

  • There is no insurance cover on these roads.

  • Damages to vehicles can take up to 3 months to get parts and have repairs done. 

  • At the start of your hire, you will be given a map and full instructions on where you can and cannot drive. If you drive on the out of bounds roads you WILL lose your security deposit - no exceptions


Cancellation and 'No Show'

(a)             You may cancel Your rental and receive a Refund provided You give Us at least 24 hours’ notice before the Rental Period is due to start. The full amount will be refunded less a cancellation charge of $10.

(b)             If You have prepaid Your rental but fail to cancel Your reservation and fail to pick up the Vehicle the prepaid amount will not be refunded. A 'No Show' charge of full payment is applicable;

You will be charged the Rental Charges for the Rental Period as booked unless We are able to rent the Vehicle to another
renter for an equivalent term and rate.
PLEASE NOTE: A cancellation is not effective until acknowledged and confirmed by Us.


  • Hire available to drivers over 21 years.

  • Must have full current Driver’s License – minimum one (1) year, all Australian and International licenses are accepted) Learners and Provisional licenses are not accepted.

  • An insurance excess of $4,000.00 is payable for all and any damage occasioned during the period of use, you may choose to reduce this excess. Excess reduction of $33 per day to reduce to $1000.00 (drivers aged 25 years to 75 years). Age excess applies to drivers 21 to 24 years, an additional $500 (e.g. $4500/$1500) is payable .

  • Drivers under 21 years are excluded from hire and drivers over 75 years excluded from insurance cover. Hirers over 75 years must provide a medical certificate permit to drive and their own full insurance for the vehicle hired.

  • Australian Residents - a refundable $200 Security Deposit will be held on a valid Credit Card or Visa or MasterCard Debit card. 

  • Overseas Residents and travellers - a refundable $500 Security Deposit will be held on a valid Credit Card or Visa or MasterCard Debit card. 

  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

  • Refuelling costs are at Renter’s expense

  • Cars and rates subject to change without notice.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Some roads are excluded from use with our hire vehicles. NO ACCESS TO RADICAL BAY ROAD OR WEST POINT. Radical Bay Road is significantly damaged due to flooding and lack of repair. There are extremely large and deep craters across the road for the majority of the length of the road. This road has been closed to all vehicles. West Point Road is unsealed and very rough which can cause damage to the vehicles. Due to delays in parts arriving into Australia, any damage can cause vehicles to be off the road for up to 3 months and as such our vehicles may not be driven along any part of these roads. Access on these roads is strictly prohibited in our hire cars. If you drive down these roads you will forfeit your Security Deposit as the vehicle will need to be assessed for damages by a qualified mechanic, plus any damages found caused by travelling down this road.

  • RAIN EVENTS: In the case of rain, all topless jeeps must have the soft tops and windows in place. 

  • DRIVING ON BEACHES: Magnetic Island has many beautiful pristine beaches. Driving vehicles on beaches is not only illegal on Magnetic Island, it is also prohibited in our hire cars and Jeeps. Penalties will be applied for breaching this policy


Damaged or Lost goods will be charged an additional replacement fee. By hiring additional items from this site with the car hire, the named hirer voluntarily agrees to assume and/or incurs all risks of loss, impairment, damage or injury of whatever kind, including death, that may be sustained or suffered by the authorized use of the equipment whether or not the result in whole or in part of acts or omissions, negligence or other unintentional fault of Round the Rock Rentals Pty Ltd/M.I. Rentals. In addition, the hirer (including his/her heirs, assigns and personal representatives) agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify of Round the Rock Rentals Pty Ltd/M.I. Rentals from and against any claims, demands, actions, causes of action, lawsuits, expenses, or losses (including solicitors’ fees) on account of property damage or personal injury (including death) arising out of, or attributable to the individual’s use of the of Round the Rock Rentals Pty Ltd/M.I. Rentals hire equipment. This disclaimer applies to of Round the Rock Rentals Pty Ltd/M.I. Rentals and all of its trustees, officers, directors, managers, servants, agents, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, employees, advisors and/or representatives. The hirer does hereby understand that they will be held responsible for any and all costs and fees that may arise due to intentional or non-intentional damage, theft, loss, mysterious disappearance, or misuse of the snorkelling, diving and/or fishing equipment and/or other hire equipment that belongs to of Round the Rock Rentals Pty Ltd/M.I. Rentals. The hirer acknowledges that they have read and understood these Terms & Conditions.

Reefboards must be used in calm water only. Reefboards should only be used near shore. No standing on Reefboards or damage fees will apply. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult and a maximum weight of 110kg applies to all persons using the Reefboards.

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