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Magnetic Island Snorkelling guide

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

There is a lot of beauty to be found in the water surrounding Magnetic Island

A – Florence Bay Florence Bay is full of friendly reef fish, and vibrant fringing Coral. Hard to access but a top day out. Take some Pilchards for close contact. and safe snorkelling straight off the beach. Can get murky on big tides and bad weather.

B – Arthur Bay Arthur bay has a wide variety of reef fish and colourful coral. The Eastern side has many unique Coral formations and the remains of the Platypus shipwreck. A must see on calmer days. One of our Best snorkelling experiences.

C – Alma Bay Child Safe, many colourful reef fish around the rocks on the right-hand side of the bay. This bay has a lifeguard on watch and is very safe for kids.

D – Geoffrey Bay (Snorkel Trail) Swim out, off the old barge ramp, about 50m to a shipwreck called Moltke that has created a wonderful ecosystem for many reef fish and corals. One of our 2 incredible snorkel trails.

E - Nelly Bay (Snorkel Trail) Explore one of our 2 incredible and diverse snorkel trails with Giant clams and incredible fish life. Located off X- Base.

F - Picnic Bay The Picnic Bay corals are restoring after early days coral mining. Under the jetty is a large ecosystem, well worth a snorkel.

G – 5 Beach Bay Accessible by boat only, incredibly diverse and protected snorkelling area. See Boat charters.

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